Clint Westwood (USA) // Live

18. Oct, 2017, 21:00 - 18. Oct, 2017, 23:00

Clint Westwood is a veteran performer, songwriter and recording artist best known for his role as the booze-soaked, bass-smashing, banjo-bashing co-frontman of the pirate-gypsy-ska-band called „Whiskey Avengers“. With a few solo records under his belt he is now unleashing his self branded ‘Cult Country’-style onto barflies, hussies, hipsters and rug-cutters around the world.

It’s a hodgepodge of authentic american roots music with a southwestern edge littered with literary lyrical prose that will leave you stomping, swashbuckling, and laughing maniacally while punching holes in the wall.

Clint Westwood is what happens when punkrock grows a beard and grabs a banjo but doesn’t grow up. Welcome to Cult Country.

«I sing, I strum, I pluck, I croon cult country and folk with poetic doom.»