Live: Chris Snelgrove & Jon Creeden

03. Mar, 2016, 21:00

Chris Snelgrove
Montreal native Chris Snelgrove has been playing in punk bands for more than half of his life.
As the frontman for Prevenge he has spent last 8 years touring and releasing his own and other records on his indie label Pavones Records. His solo career began in 2013, following Prevenge's appearance at Fest 12. Chris toured up the east coast to play his first solo concerts. He followed that with a European tour in 2014 that took him all over, from France to Poland, Germany to Russia. In September 2015 he headed down to Central and South America, playing shows and festivals in Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile and followed it up with an appearance at Fest 14. In 2016, Chris will be heading into the studio in March to record his first full length. His music is a mix of his influences: Jason Isbell, Steve Earl, Lucero, and Social Distortion. Chris’s lyrics are often about the struggles of everyday people, sobriety, and stories about friendship and loss. These songs will be available late Spring/early Summer 2016. A traveler at heart, Chris will be heading back to Europe for the first half of the year, followed by heavy touring in The US, Western Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and a return to Central and South America. 
FFO: Arliss Nancy, Tim Barry, Social Distortion
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Jon Creeden


 After years of singing songs alone on a stage, but having very little gear to load in; Jon Creeden got lonely and wanted to carry heavy gear up and down stairs with his friends. To fix this problem he traded in his acoustic for an electric guitar, and with the help of some good friends The Flying Hellfish were born. After spending 2015 working on a Demo and a couple of Canadian tours, with a debut show at Pouzza Fest in Montreal, The Flying Hellfish are ready to head outside of the Great White North in 2016. A late winter European tour, and fall U.S. tour are in the works, and the band will have their first full length record out in late 2016. If you were a fan of the sweat and energy of Jon Creeden's acoustic project, this promises to be twice as sweaty and a whole lot louder.

For fans of: Iron Chic, Strike Anywhere, Red City Radio and Latterman.

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