14 of the Best Real Work-From-Home Jobs

Codecademy might be a great place to start and get your feet wet. It’s an online platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programing languages. Once you create an account you are given a toolkit that includes an Intro to Coding course and access to their forum and online community.

online courses for remote jobs

They also offer company programs and individual training to aspiring remote workers and those who want to improve their skills. I tried piecemealing free online courses through a variety of sites but found myself easily distracted and felt a bit all over the place. I needed accountability and a one-stop shop for the best course on each topic. If you love browsing Pinterest, you can make good money starting a Pinterest virtual assistant business from home!

Customer Service Representative

If you’re interested in knowing about the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, ask Google. There’s no one who can know more about social media, mobile marketing, SEO, or web optimization. The list of choices for a freelance engagement or remote employment can begin with the written content, and how to become an expert in creating it.

  • Because as with any other course, none of my methods and tips will work without you taking the time to implement them.
  • Not only are developer roles frequently remote, but there’s also massive demand for these positions, making them top remote jobs.
  • Flexible pricing options and a self directed schedule allow users to go at their own pace and manage other responsibilities.
  • Online Marketing Jobs From Home – a list of the best work-from-home jobs for digital marketers.

Alongside a professional certificate, successful students will receive a digital badge from IBM and 12 transferrable college credits. You’ll learn how to attract and engage customers through various channels, including email and search. Plus, there’s also guidance on how to measure and improve your marketing performance with analytics. The average salary for front-end developers in the United States is approximately $105,726 per year, with opportunities to earn more based on experience. There’s also a Capstone project which involves building your own front-end application using responsive techniques. Plus, you’ll learn how to use popular tools in the developer landscape, such as React, Figma, and Bootstrap, as well as GitHub for version control.

Google Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Certificate

This is because courses are taught by a variety of experts in the field, each with their own materials and method. Finally, working remotely might require a little extra financial caution—so, get your money in order for any kind of remote job with this basic training course. Soft skills are the hidden tools to landing—and thriving—in a remote role. So, start your personal training with a college-level negotiation class, and you’ll have no problem with dealing clients near and far.

Which certification is best for remote jobs?

  • Meta Front-End Developer Certificate.
  • Google Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Certificate.
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.
  • Google UX Designer Certificate.
  • Hubspot SEO Certification.
  • Google Ads Certifications.
  • PMI Project Management Professional.

This course provides students with the skills they need to access a career in the IT landscape. 5 courses pave the way to an entry-level job in areas like database administration and tech support. Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online, and bloggers are in demand. You can start your own blog or write for different businesses that run their blog. The most critical skills you need to become a blogger are a passion for writing and an ability to connect with your audience through your words.


Online courses are a great way to prep yourself for a remote job. Sites like Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare, and Udemy all offer courses on a variety of topics, typically for a fraction of the cost of an in-person class. Here you will learn how you can set up your home office for success. Get the best tips on the equipment you need, what you need to know in terms of data security, and learn how you can skyrocket your productivity. On top of that, you will find out how you can stay happy and healthy both physically and mentally when working from home. I have been working remotely for more than 10 years now and know how overwhelming and hard it can be at the beginning.

online courses for remote jobs

As with any professional structure, remote work has advantages and disadvantages. Employers and employees who are prepared for the pitfalls can take steps to avoid them. Maybe you’re a busy stay-at-home mom who wants to re-enter the workforce but you need best courses flexibility to pick up your kids from school and run errands. Or you have a psychological or physical disability that would better be supported by a job working at home. Technology is saving medical practices and insurance companies millions of dollars.

Udacity is a large, for-profit, online education platform specifically for technology professionals. With courses in Programming, AI, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and much more, Udacity is a great option for developing technology skills. Skillcrush is an online educational platform designed specifically for women pursuing careers in technology. For those interested in Skillcrush, you should check out our podcast with its founder, Adda Birnir. You’ll notice that there are different courses for the same topic; for example if you search “social media marketing,” you’ll find over 50 unique courses.

  • Virtual assistants are increasingly in demand as entrepreneurs and organizations seek efficient and cost-effective alternatives to hiring full-time employees.
  • Remote work is a catch-all term that applies to work that can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • Although it sounds straightforward, that doesn’t mean transcription is the easiest of all work-from-home jobs.
  • Skillshare is an online learning community that hosts over 41,000 online classes on a variety of topics.
  • These will not only help you implement your knowledge but also make you think about what you really want and need.