Live: Netter Donuts

01.09.2023, 21:00 - 23:00

Based in south Spain & Barcelona Nestter Donuts was introduced to rock n roll night life and bands touring circuit late 2017 as opening act for Reverend Beatman, who later that night offered Nestter to do a record for his well known in the 5 continents trash record label Voodoo Rhythm Records.
His alter ego became quickly an underground surprise in the garage scene for many nudity onstage, big Donut’s food battles at the shows and obscene interaction with crowd, theater attendants or birthday party he got involved into. He toured 3 years non-stop all around europe with a tight-ass leopard dress, his red fez hat, handmade Donut patches to sell and his guitar & cymbals.
For the first time ever, a moustached hairy leopard Espanol got a magic potion delivery dose of flamenco sounds & loud vocals with his wild rockabilly and rocknroll systematics on guitar, not to be repeated by any other one on earth, all supported by a funny-chaotic performance as a unique
Nestter Donuts has played his dark rockin› ballad hymns and flamenco rumba all over Europe and laid disaster to events like We’re Loud Istanbul (TURK), Fuzzville Benidorm (SP), Here I Stay (IT), Munster Raving Looney Party (SP), Flamingo Beach (SP),…
From Alicante/Barcelona in Spain thee one and only Flamenco Trash One Man Band, dirty wild rock’n’roll garage punk and super insane LO-FI Trash!!!
Bar: 17.00 Uhr
Show: 21:00 Uhr
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